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  30 Min - $70    45 Min - $85    60 Min - $100    75 Min - $115    90 Min - $130    120 Min - $190

Each session includes a balanced combination of techniques such as traditional Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue work, and light stretching. My goal is to create a massage specific to your needs to help you relax, relieve stress, and reduce/eliminate pain. 

Cupping Therapy

60 Min - $115     90 Min - $145

Silicone cups are added into the massage treatment, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the chosen area.  The silicone cups give movement to adhesions by gently pulling the ligaments, muscles, and fascia away from the bone in an anti-gravitational direction.  Cupping is useful for athletes, runners, and those who need much deeper muscle tissue work.


30 Min - $50     60 Min - $70

Reiki calms the mind, helps us unwind, recharge, process and move emotion, and allows us to tune in to our inner guidance. We can learn how to let go and move energy that does not serve us. We can let our creativity flow, feel more connected, and use our our own intuitive guidance to navigate this busy world.

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